Why YouTube Trolls Should Never Make You Miserable


If you have any kind of traffic coming to your channel, no doubt you’ve encountered YouTube trolls a time or two.  Don’t worry, it’s like a right of passage for channel owners. :)

But before I get deep into this, I think it’s important for me to clarify my definition of a troll because that word means different things to different people.

We have gotten so sensitive as a society, and some people define trolling as anyone who leaves a negative comment.

I disagree. There’s nothing wrong with negative comments that are constructive. They can be super helpful for growth, and I don’t classify that as trolling.

A troll is someone who posts something that is unnecessarily cruel to either get attention, sabotage or get you rattled.

I know for a fact that trolling is a big reason many people fear doing YouTube videos. So here are some things to keep in mind about these individuals…

1) Trolls Are Cowards

I guarantee that 95% of trolls would never have the guts to say those nasty things to your face. It’s easy to spew hate and evil when you’re anonymous and sitting behind a machine some thousands of miles away.

2) Trolls Are Often Sad People

Let’s face it. Some people didn’t get enough hugs as a child. :)

I joke, but habitual trolling is a sign of something deeper.  They deal with life frustrations and sadness by making anonymous, harsh comments to people because it gives them this sense of power and temporarily relief.

And of course it’s not always that deep.  Some people are just immature, but trust me. It’s really not about you. It’s about them. They gain satisfaction by making your life miserable, so don’t engage because it will show them that they’ve succeeded.

I know it’s tempting to stoop to their level, but when you do, they’ve won.

3) Trolling Means You’re Doing Something Right

The more popular your channel becomes, the more trolling you can expect.  So if you are starting to see more trolls… congrats!  It just means your channel is probably getting more views on your videos.

One thing’s for sure.  YouTube is not for the sensitive ones and I always joke, If you want to develop thick skin, start a YouTube channel! :)

I used to be super sensitive and wanted to curl up into a ball when I would read some of the incredibly mean comments.  Now I find myself actually feeling sorry for people who have to resort to those tactics.

You will learn quickly that it comes with the territory.  The good news is, if you’re helping or entertaining people, trolling will make up a very small portion of your comments.

Google Plus Has Minimized Trolling

I didn’t really welcome the Google Plus comments on YouTube with open arms, but what I have always loved about them is they really cut down on the trolling.

The fact that Google forces people to create a profile seemed to really lower the population of Troll Nation. I’ve definitely noticed a decrease since the Google Plus comment change in late 2013.

Have you encountered trolls on your channel?  How do you handle them?


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  1. Jeremy Noel Johnson October 4, 2014 Reply

    I’ve been following Lisa for a while and she’s spot on with this. Trolls just like to stir up trouble for various reasons. I was sensitive like her a while ago, but continuously putting myself out there and feeling some of the trolling and rejection really does help you develop thick skin.

    • Jeremy, I think we all get sensitive at first, then realize the trolls are a joke,, just like Lisa mentioned.

      People who are having success at something in their life doesn’t have the time to be a rude ignorant ass on YouTube, so them trolling you tells you you are doing bigger and better things than they are. :)

    • Heeeeey Jeremy! Good to see you here. I think it’s normal to feel that way at first. Most of us aren’t initially used to jus t putting ourselves out there for millions to judge, but when you see the benefits of doing so, it makes trolling seem even more insignificant. Like I said, I feel sorry for those people.

      • Jeremy Noel Johnson January 6, 2015 Reply

        Hey Lisa! I think you can tell a lot by what someone says and what they spend their time doing. I think rejection and being trolled build character as does putting yourself out there. I think you and John are doing fantastic. I always admire people who are able to drive traffic and discussion to their web properties or YouTube channels. I’m still trying to figure that part out :)

        • Thanks for stopping in Jeremy, and I agree with you, if they are trolling you, then your a, doing something right and b, you are mentally getting stronger by dealing with the morons haha

          As far as you, reading helpful content and leaving “real” comments is a great place to start, so I see you will be doing just fine man.. just takes some time.

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