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I (John Paul Aguiar) am SUPER Excited to finally be launching BrainyMarketer.com.

From idea to right now, this has been 12 months in the making.


What Is Brainy Marketer?

Basically we are a Team of Hand-Picked Trusted Authors coming together to share Honest, Proven, Actionable Content to help YOU grow YOUR Blog or Small Business online.

We will be covering everything and anything that has to do with Online Marketing, like Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Branding, Design, Technology and More.

Why Do This?

For the past 24 months it seems to be getting harder and harder to find “trusted” people to follow and learn from in the online marketing arena.

Today more than ever it is VERY easy to “fake your expert” and since I bitched and complained about it long enough, I stepped back and did some thinking and came up with the Brainy Marketer idea and motto.

“Smart Content Shared by Real People Getting Real Results”



Brainy Contest Details (Sorry, this Contest Has Ended)

Let’s get to the good stuff shall we? :)

I am happy to Announce we are giving away $5,000+ worth of  Awesomeness.

I will choose 10 winners, First,Second and 8 runner ups and contest will run for 7 days.

Before we get to the What and How, let’s cover the Who., with A BIG Thank You to the Sponsors that made this contest possible.

Verizon WirelessPostPlannerDino from Triberr, Hootsuite, Commun.it


What You Will Win:

First Place Gets:

Verizon Wireless:   All New Motorola Droid MAXX – Value $599 

PostPlanner:  LIFETIME access to “Expert” Plan – Value $2,000+

Hootsuite:  3 month access to “Pro” Plan – Value $27

Triberr:   3 month access to “PRIME” Plan – Value $30

Commun.it:   6 month access to “Business” Plan – Value $174


Second Place Gets:

PostPlanner:  LIFETIME access to “Expert” Plan – Value $2,000+

Hootsuite:  3 month access to “Pro” Plan – Value $27

Triberr:  3 month access to “PRIME” Plan – Value $30

Commun.it:  6 month access to “Business” Plan – Value $174


8 Runner Ups Get:

Triberr:  3 month access to “PRIME” Plan – Value $30


How To Enter:

Entering to win is a Easy 2 Step Process…

Step 1 – Follow @BrainyMarketer on Twitter.

Step 2 – Simply tweet

“Just Entered to Win the BrainyMarketer.com $5,000+ Launch Contest. Just follow @BrainyMarketer and Retweet – http://bit.ly/bmcontest”

Make sure the bit.ly url is included in your tweet.


How I’ll Choose Winners:

I will be using RowFeeder to choose the 10 winners randomly.

I’ll be tracking the Twitter username “BrainyMarketer” and term “Just Entered”

The Twitter contest will start today Wednesday March 26 and run till the end of Tuesday April 1st.


Remember To Enter ALL You Need To Do Is:

Step 1 – Follow @BrainyMarketer on Twitter.

Step 2 – Simply tweet

“Just Entered to Win the BrainyMarketer.com $5,000+ Launch Contest. Just follow @BrainyMarketer and Retweet – http://bit.ly/bmcontest

Step 3 – Wait till I call your name :)


Now that you entered the contest, take some time to learn more about Brainy Marketer and get to know our authors below.


Watch The Brainy Marketer Intro



Meet The Brainy Authors

Without these kick-ass authors Brainy Marketer would not be happening.

Please take the time to visit each authors page and bookmark the authors you will need most help from, that way you won’t miss any of their posts. :)

john paul aguiar - brainy marketer author [Me] John Paul Aguiar – Blogging and Twitter

lisa irby - brainy marketer author Lisa Irby – YouTube

aaron lee - brainy marketer author Aaron Lee – Facebook

mj gottlieb - brainy marketer author MJ Gottlieb – Small Business

tony bennett - brainy marketer author Tony Bennett – Instagram

rebekah radice - brainy marketer author Rebekah Radice – Google+

garu oneil - brainy marketer author Gary Oneil – Branding

luis galarza - brainy marketer author Luis Galarza – Local SEO

jeff sieh - brainy marketer author Jeff Sieh – Pinterest

viveka vonrosen - brainy marketer author Viveka von Rosen – LinkedIn

steven - brainy marketer author Steven Hughes – Marketing

michael surry - brainy marketer author Michael Currey – Design

alessandro - brainy marketer author Alessandro DiRuscio – Infographics


Thanks for reading, don’t forget to Join the Brainiac Community – It’s FREE :)



John Paul Aguiar

Blogging Entrepreneur that Helps Bloggers and Small Business Owners with Blog Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Social Media. I'm also a Kidney Transplant Recipient 2002

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  1. Francesca March 27, 2014 Reply

    I’m looking forward to being a Braniac! 😉 I can’t wait to see what becomes of this community. Very promising!


    Super excited that you are launching BrainyMarketer.com :)

    We can’t wait to read the wonderful content for social, marketing and business!

    Good luck!
    The Commun.it team

  3. maxwell ivey March 27, 2014 Reply

    Hello; congrats on th new site. and thanks for such an amazing contest. You rarely see prizes like these for a new anything. I’m not a verizon customer so don’t know about winning one of their phones, but it is impressive. and if you need any posts from th prospective of a blind blogger I hope you will get in touch. take care, max

  4. Great initiative! I see you have a great team! Wish you to achieve all the possible milestones in a record time! :)))

  5. Harleena Singh March 28, 2014 Reply

    Hi John,

    Congratulations indeed! :)

    This contest sounds like one of its kind and you surely have a great list of authors lined up as well. Wishing you ALL the very best with the contest.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  6. Can’t wait to learn more from you. I hope I win. 😀

  7. Trent Carpenter March 28, 2014 Reply

    Congrats on the Launch!

    Definitely some amazing talent you’ve brought together. I’m looking forward to this journey and learning from you all.

    Best of luck Brainiacs!

  8. Hi John,

    This is huge. A simple glance through the authors and I was “WOW!”

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming mate!

  9. Mandy Edwards March 28, 2014 Reply

    Congrats!!! Site looks awesome – can’t wait to dive into all the articles!

  10. Michelle Glover March 28, 2014 Reply

    Hey! Congrats! What a great way to bring value to others starting and marketing businesses. Thanks to you all!

    • Thanks Michelle for the support. The goal is to bring as much value as we can as a team… first step is great authors, and I def go that handled. :)

  11. Kat Hardaway March 28, 2014 Reply

    Way to go! Proud of you!

  12. Thanks JOHN For this contest…

    Hope i will win….


  13. Kristi Hines April 1, 2014 Reply

    Just added my late entry. Love the site and the team you’ve put together here John! :)

  14. I hope I win! Looking forward to learn from you guys :)

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