How Local Businesses Can Benefit from Using Google AdWords

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Are you using Google Adwords? An advertising program for business owners that helps you reach your target audience and take control of your advertising costs.

Unlike traditional advertising which can cost a fortune and is untargeted, Google AdWords is a cost-effective and beneficial tool for businesses that wants massive exposure without spending thousands of dollars of untargeted spend.

A test campaign can be run for as low as $10 (in some markets)! The cost-effective nature of AdWords is only one of a number of benefits – and businesses I work with are regularly able to generate healthy returns through well created and managed AdWords campaigns.


What is Google AdWords?

According to a definition online, “Google Adwords is the system Google has developed to assist you in marketing your products or services in the Google Search Engine, and its affiliate sites, via the use of a placed text ad that appears when people search for phrases related to your offering – which appears as a “sponsored link”.”


What Does this Mean?

Let’s make use of a simple example to help you understand this definition.

Let’s say an enthusiastic yoga student wants to search for a yoga class in his/her locality. If a local business (a yoga center in this case) has made effective use of AdWords, their ad will appear in the search results after the customer has typed in the query. The customer visits the website, interacts with the website, and the investment in AdWords (hopefully) results in a new student for the business owner (or in this case the Yoga teacher).

google adwords for small business

Now, as easy as this sounds, AdWords is a little tricky to master. Note though, that the success rate of a successful AdWords campaign also depends upon the quality of your website – in terms of content, SEO and rankings. The better you score in these, the greater your chances of earning good revenue.


Benefits of Using Google AdWords for Local Businesses

As stated in the example above, AdWords can greatly boost the revenue of a local business. Apart from the potentially low advertising costs, here are a few essential benefits that local businesses can derive by using AdWords.

–          Take Control of Your Ads with Geo-Targeting

Also known as ‘Local PPC’, running an AdWords campaign with a geo-targeting approach will help prevent your ads from being shown to those outside your target area or worse still, clicked by those not in your target audience. You will also only pay for clicks from those within the geographical are, as this will be the most relevant audience.

–          Tracking and Monitoring of Expenditure

Google’s Analytics tools are a great way to monitor and track your progress. This form of metrics & measurements are helpful to analyze user patterns and which of your ads generated the most clicks or the maximum number of leads.

–          Controlling the Maximum Amount Spent Per Day

One of the best things about AdWords is the control of your spend lies directly within your hands. You set the maximum limit of the day. You can set at what time, what days, and which Ad Campaigns you want to be active. This allows you to manage your campaigns whilst avoiding over-spending, especially if you’ve got a limited budget.

–          Quick Results

If you have an experienced professional running an effective AdWords campaign for your business, this will accelerate your results. Within hours, you can get your first buyers. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and targeted visitors to your site rapidly.

Though running an AdWords campaign is likely to be beneficial for the business, it is not a task to be taken lightly. Without the right professional help, you may end up spending thousands without achieving the results you desire.

Having said this, businesses should not just solely rely on AdWords, but should also focus on website quality, the content, ease of navigation, traffic generation strategy, and other elements of internet marketing. Your goal should not only be attracting visitors but actually converting them into valuable leads – if not customers.

The importance of quality content should not be neglected because when coupled with AdWords, is likely to result in the most significant returns.


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