Entrepreneur Lifestyle: You Have to Make it Happen

entrepreneur lifestyle

Living the entrepreneur lifestyle is truly amazing, but it’s not something that you just naturally fall into.

It takes planning, and in most cases, years of working long, hard, and strenuous hours… not knowing sometimes if you’re going to actually be successful or not.

Being an entrepreneur takes some real guts, and you actually have to be a little bit crazy as well… at least this is what I’ve found to be true from hanging around super successful entrepreneurs over the years.

Just think about an entrepreneurs’ journey when they’re first starting out for a minute: all they have is an idea in their head that they feel will make a difference in either their own life, or someone else’s, and then they make the decision to just go for it.

Most people will say this entrepreneurship thing is a totally crazy way of thinking, and then they’ll go back to their normal day job working away doing the same boring task, day in, and day out… while an entrepreneur is on the total other end of the spectrum, thinking that anyone that works a normal day job and doesn’t live the entrepreneur lifestyle is totally crazy.

You see, there’s no right or wrong here… ultimately the choice to work a normal job, or the choice to live the entrepreneur lifestyle, is totally up to each individual person making the decision. I can tell you first hand that the lifestyle that you most likely see yourself living when you first start your business is totally incorrect.

The movies and TV glamorize the entrepreneur lifestyle as if it’s as easy as going to get a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s in the morning… let me tell you… it’s not.

Successful entrepreneurs didn’t get to be successful by accident, they got to be successful by design, and you can to.

One thing that you can do that will really help you out if you’re just getting started in business, is to utilize every resource possible to the maximum. I’m not talking about using a hundred resources here, I’m talking about picking out five to ten resources, and using them to the maximum.

Living the entrepreneur lifestyle is the ultimate prize for a long, hard fought journey, that so few take, and that so few actually make. The ultimate entrepreneur prizes come to those that put the time in up front, so that they can reap the rewards later.

You need to get fired up about this entrepreneur stuff, and you need to be able to tell people that tell you that you can’t do it, to go take a hike, because you can do it… but the inspiration and perspiration needs to come from within yourself.

Listen, I’m not going to beat this ‘being an entrepreneur is going to be hard work’ into your head or your soul… but I’m just giving it to you for real so that you understand what it’s going to take, and so that you don’t think it’s going to be all beautiful and pretty everyday.

All super successful entrepreneurs have someone in there life that gives it to them on the real, and in this case, let that person be me.

One last thought… you can personally live the entrepreneur lifestyle with some solid effort, but it’s going to take some heart, soul, and help from some places that you never expected. When you get to the other side, and you start living the lifestyle, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


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