How To Target Lost Customers Who Abandon Your Shopping Cart

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Picture this. You go to the supermarket, spend your valuable time finding those daily essentials (as well as the impulse purchases, you get to the checkout….and then decide to leave the store, leaving behind a full basket of groceries! Sound odd? Well this exactly what happens online for up to 70% of your potential customers.

Why does this happen?

There are various reasons for this, and two of them happen to significantly impact why customers abandon their shopping carts – Price and Timing.

Converting customers online has always been a challenge but in recent years, thanks to innovation in e-commerce technologies and a better shopping experience overall, the process has been streamlined for today’s online shopper. Simple factors such as being upfront about shipping charges, demonstrating a trustworthy outlet, and more – go a long way in encouraging shoppers to spend online.

There are times when a customer walks away without completing their purchase despite having started and getting as far as the checkout. The following paragraph will offer you some tips on how to target customers that can come back and complete their purchase.

1. The first step to take is to set up a ‘shopping cart abandonment’ Retargeting campaign.
• Go to to create a campaign

2. The next step is to segment the ‘shopping cart abandoners’ by identifying their on-site behavior

You will need to ensure that you put the actual buyers and the ‘abandoners’ in separate segments. Build a list of visitors that didn’t complete purchase. Take into consideration how much time potential customers take before they abandon the shopping cart.

Observe the typical pattern for your website visitors prior to sale, and note patterns in behaviors with Google Analytics to help you determine both the messaging and how you wish to ‘retarget’ these customers.

Here are some of the ways you can retarget your lost customers:


Offer Shipping Promotions

Price has often deterred customers from taking the plunge and purchasing that item they have spent considerable time looking over. They might have gotten the product, if it wasn’t for the shipping cost coming in the way of their budget. And according to a recent survey, 77% of potential customers walk out on a sale in a similar way.

By waiving or reducing shipping costs altogether, these customers can be converted. In fact, up to 56% of those that abandoned have stated that they wouldn’t hesitate in deciding to buy if the shipping costs were subsequently reduced to zero.



Everybody loves a good deal. Discounts can bring customers back and take care of their hesitancy in making that purchase – offer those that visited product pages and shopping cart targeted offers.


Roll out a Personalized Ad or Page

Want to nudge a potential shopping cart abandoner? Consider making a personalized Ad about the specific products they showed interest in but did not go on to buy. This Ad will take them back to the same point in their decision-making process and serve to nudge them again.

Sometimes a little nudge is all it takes!

Through applying these tips you can bring back customers from abandoning their shopping carts altogether. This can increase the conversion rate on your ecommerce website substantially, and in some cases, exponentially.


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