How To Be A Student Entrepreneur In 6 Steps – Infographic

Do you have a student entrepreneur in your life?

My nephew Devon is almost 18 and going into his senior year in high school and all we seem to talk about lately is how he doesn’t want to go to college, he wants to do what uncle John Paul does.

Have an online business, he wants to come up with a great idea and become an entrepreneur.

Seems so easy for these millenials lol

Each time I tell him, it took years of work for me to get where I am now, it took a Kidney Transplant to move my life in this direction.

I tell him, go to school, and do your entrepreneur stuff on the side, that way you are covered and keep mommy happy.

Some days he listens, and most days he doesn’t lol

One day I found this infographic and sent it to him for him to see real world facts of what kind of work a entrepreneur goes through when they have a great idea or product.

It seemed to help him see reality and I seem to win more of our conversations now about school, so that’s a win for me.

So I figured if it helped my nephew open his eyes a little bit more, it would be helpful to you or any wanna-be entrepreneur you have in your life.

The 6 Student Entrepreneur Quick Steps

1. Evaluate yourself and your skills.
2. Have good idea.
3. Research your competition and market.
4. Make a detailed business plan.
5. Find a helpful mentor.
6. Register your business and get to work.

I wouldn’t kill any entreprenurial spirit in any kid, but you do want to get them focused and seeing the reality of how much work it will be.  This infographic does a nice job of doing that.

student entrepreneur infographic

source: wbsa & urbanest

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  1. Philip V Ariel August 25, 2017 Reply

    Hey John,
    Happy to be here after a bit gap.
    Hope you are keeping fine with all your physical problems.
    This is indeed an encouraging note to the yet to be business entrepreneurs.
    Your nephew’s enthusiasm cleared with this amazing infographic.
    Thanks John for sharing this.
    Have a wonderful weekend and healthy life ahead.
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil from

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