Social Media Cover Photo Sizes and Templates 2017 – Infographic

Social Media Cover Photo Sizes and Templates for 2017

The Question: What’s the best image size for Facebook cover photos?

Answer: It depends on who you ask.

According to Facebook, cover photos for Pages are 820×312 on desktop, and 640×360 on mobile.

You may have noticed that every platform’s cover photo is a different size and shape, especially if you compare them to their mobile counterparts.

What’s the best image size for Facebook cover photos?
My answer: The best image size for Facebook business page cover photos is 820×460!

If you’re doing the math, you’re probably all like: “But if you scale 640×360 up to 820 wide, you get 820×461!”

I know, but my screenshots and testing say that a 1 pixel difference is not a big deal. Besides, I have other reasons why I’ve decided to axe that pesky pixel.

Before I get into all the details, let me just get the numbers out there.

Official cover photo sizes for Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn & Youtube


  • Facebook Personal Profiles – 851×315
  • Facebook Business Pages – 820×312
  • Facebook Events – 500×262
  • Facebook Groups – 820×250
  • Twitter – 1500×500
  • Google+ – 1061×597
  • LinkedIn Profile – 1586×396
  • LinkedIn Company – 1536×768
  • YouTube – 2560×1440

Mobile (iPhone 6s)

  • Facebook Personal Profiles – 750×422
  • Facebook Business Pages – 750×421
  • Facebook Events – 750×421
  • Facebook Groups – 750×421
  • Twitter – 750×250
  • Google+ – 750×422
  • LinkedIn Profile – 750×375
  • LinkedIn Company – 750×372
  • YouTube – 1546×423

First, Facebook saying that mobile covers are 640×360 isn’t what I’m seeing (750×422).
If you have a larger phone, or a tablet, you’re probably looking at images that are much bigger!

Branding a business, or even just marketing an event, can mean that you have to adapt your “design” to fit a lot of different sizes and shapes.

I rarely create just one cover photo, I usually have to update a bunch of different sites all at once. For this, I’ve created a bunch of templates that fit into one Photoshop file.

Notice anything else interesting with the numbers above?
The mobile sizes for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are really close to each other… Twitter and YouTube are very similar too.

Since the sizes are more consistent on mobile, that’s what I base by templates on.
According to Facebook’s first quarter earnings report for 2016, 54.2% of it’s 1.65 billion users were mobile ONLY. (Source: VentureBeat)

This number is growing, so desktop users are just gonna have to deal.

Social Media Cover Photo Sizes and Templates

All of my templates are 1600 pixels wide! Well, except for the YouTube Channel Art. That one just has to be special.

If you’re using an image editor like Photoshop or Pixelmator, you can import all the templates into the same file. :) Import all of your artwork once, and just move things around when switching to other templates. When you’re done, just resize the covers to the correct width (and let the height take care of itself).

So, here’s one example to show how these templates are supposed to work. If you have questions, please post them in the comments.

example of how Facebook template works

You can see how you have to make compromises with this example. I like the mobile version. Especially the speech bubble that seems to be coming from the person in the profile photo, that’s cute!

The bad? How it looks on the desktop.
I made sure to fit the most important text in there so it’s not cut off, but the speech bubble and other elements are only visible if someone decides to click on the image to expand it.

Simple, right? The darker areas are hidden on desktop, and I’ve included other objects like buttons and text in there so you can take them into consideration as well.

Now check this out. Having all these templates in one file helped me come up with this hidden feature for my friend’s cover photo that I think is pretty cool… remember that speech bubble?

I created and optimized this one cover photo for her business page and personal profile. Looks great on mobile, compromised on desktop.
example of a cover photo for business and personal profile

Download the template files

To keep this post as short as possible, I’ve left out tons of tips and details for the rest of these templates. Awesome, huh? ūüėČ

You might be wondering why I say that 1061×597 is the official Google+ cover photo size…
Or, why the sizes for YouTube are so wildly different.

Please, post your questions in the comments! I’ll do my best to answer your questions and give more details.

Not to worry though, you can check out my old posts to see how each of the templates were developed.

Tweet: Download @BrainyMarketer’s 9 updated #socialmedia cover photo templates with tips for mobile via @miguelcurrey

Here’s a handy infographic with previews of the templates and details you can share!
infographic with social media templates and sizes

Tweet: Download @BrainyMarketer’s 9 updated #socialmedia cover photo templates with tips for mobile via @miguelcurrey


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