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Smart Social Media Courses to help you grow your blog and business


social-media-marketing-coursesA Brainy Certified course is a training course that we have tested and used with success. We only share products that we know work, and know will work for you.


Below are a few courses that will help you see better results with Social Media. Social Media is constantly changing, you need to have the right training to keep you up-to-date and continuosly moving forward and seeing REAL results.


video-traffic-academy  video training academy

You already know smart businesses are using social media –but most of these businesses DO NOT know how to use YouTube to grow their business EASIER.

There is a small group of smart business owners that HAVE learned the secret to leveraging YouTube along with other online marketing… and profited big time.

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fb-influence   fb influence 2.0

Facebook is a huge source of leads right at your fingertips. The bad news is that most people are doing it all wrong and not capitalizing on its massive potential.

Amy is going to show you her effective 3-step formula to turn your Facebook Page into a lead generating machine that make’s list building A-B-C easy for you.

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linkedin-influence   Linked Influence

LinkedIn can be the perfect tool for bloggers and businesses owners – if you know what you’re doing. Most people waste time – browsing randomly and sending out requests.

You can do much more like… Learn to attract quality clients, potential business partners and boost your personal brand while forming valuable relationships.

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