5 Steps To Reviving Your Dying Small Business

small business help Are you in need of some Blog and Small Business Help?  I know for the past few months with Brainy Marketer, I have been.

After 4+ months, we are back and refocused on delivering quality content like we also did.

Before we get into this post, I’d like to say I apologize to you for asking you to join the Brainy Marketer journey and then disappearing for so long, but I hope you continue to stay with us as we grow together.

I will say that we are back with the same mindset, mission and goals as before, but with a few changes and new faces. :)

Let me share this ONE lesson I learned in the past 12 months of growing Brainy.

“I suck at managing people!  Actually, I suck at managing people that don’t see my vision!”

Since I believe I’m awesome :) and can do just about anything, it was a blow to learn this about myself since in the past I have done well when working and managing people.

But the difference was that in the past, we were all working on the same goal, working with the same vision.

Working with people that don’t see the vision the way you do is hard…especially since all the authors I put together are awesomely smart people.

But the reality is, this was MY Business, My Vision…it was OK that they didn’t see the value the way I did.

If you take anything away from this post, take this lesson…

“If you surround yourself with people that SEE the vision the way YOU do, you will accomplish HUGE things together.”

Here are a few things I have learned and have done and still doing to breathe new life back into Brainy Marketer…they are helping me, I’m sure they would help your Small Business too.

5 Steps To Reviving Your Small Business

I hope your business never gets to this place I was in, but if it does, I believe these 5 steps will help you bounce back, the way they are helping me and my business.


1. Be Honest With Yourself

It’s time to be honest with yourself here, you need to REALLY look at what you’re doing and make the changes you need to make, no matter how big or small or how painful.

What was a good idea in the past, may or may not work anymore. You have to look at your game plan “biz model” and decide if it still makes sense.

For Brainy, the idea still works, the game plan still works “mostly” so changes are coming to the delivery of content and the people writing that content.

I’ll be honest with you, sometimes the best thing is to just walk away and come back with fresh eyes, now I wouldn’t recommend walking away for 4 months like I did :) but a small “vacation” can be the best thing you can do.


2. Change Your Marketing, Promotions

How are you getting people to see your blog posts, your email offers, your product and services?

Look at that plan and see how you can do better.

Change your graphics, change how you get people to your “stuff”, if you did nothing before, then DO something now. Are you using Social Media to the best you can?

Are you running ads on Facebook and Twitter? Are you using SEO?

Make the effort to share content across Social platforms correctly and take the time to create nicER graphics to stand hand and hand with your content.

Trust me, I’m not a BIG fan of overdoing graphics to the point where the graphic because more important than the content, BUT graphics matter and you have to take the time to create them.

For Brainy, we were actually doing really well for such a new blog, business. But there is always room for some tweaking.


3. Cut The Fat Away

A little dramatic right? lol

But it’s true, in your business you need to remove what you don’t need, slim down.

Smooth out all your processes:

how you write content

how you share content

how you manage the people that write that content

how you make money

how you marketer and promote

Everything you do in your business can be slimmed down to run much easier and smoother.

When you remove the un-productive “fat” you can easily see what is working and what is not working making it much easier for you to make the changes you need to quickly.

For Brainy, this was a big issue for me, I did it all, I did it on the fly and for about 10 months it worked, not anymore.

Without structure there is chaos lol that chaos may come in a week or in 10 months like it did for me, but it will come.

Oh and the worse part, the more successful and busy you get, the more chaos comes. 

I became an entrepreneur to be free, boss free, rules free, structure free… but there is power in having some structure in place, so I have given in and am now a structure believer. lol


4. You Can’t Do It Alone

No matter how big or small your business is, at some point you will need to get help.

If you are so busy doing it all, small tasks, big tasks, it will be hard for you to see the big picture of how your business is really doing.

Being busy just to be busy is crazy, trust me, I learned that the hard way.

Focus on managing things, but not actually DOING things.

As a business and blog, find someone to create your graphics, find someone to manage running your SM ads, find someone to do your blog and influencer outreach etc…

For Brainy, I did it all myself, I edited posts, I edited the SEO, I edited images, I did the promotion of that post, I did the graphics, I did the outreach, I did the branding, I managed the authors plus 20 other tasks.

At first it was fine with me since I’m kinda a control freak lol  

But in time it became to much, I was so busy being busy with the daily shit it takes to grow a business, that I had no time for new ideas, new promotions, new authors etc..

So now, I will have help, I have someone to do the smaller stuff so I can focus on business GROWING and not the business running.

Trust me, there is a difference, once you learn that, you  small business will explode.


5. If You Think It – DO It

If you have an idea, or think of something you want to try, then JUST DO IT!

Not all the ideas you have will work, but some will and you won’t know that until you take actions and try them.

Remember that “business growing” I share above? Well taking action on new ideas is one way you can GROW your business.

For Brainy, I sat on a few ideas that probably would of did really well, but I was either too busy being busy to implement or I just didn’t believe in the idea enough to take action.

Big mistake, I lost traffic, attention and new customers to my business and one idea was later done by another entrepreneur on their site and it did very well.

We are now doing it all :)

If they work, great, if they don’t I”ll tweak and try again because I will now have the “freeER” time to do that.

There you go, small business help in 5 “Brainy” steps.

Failing sucks, and for myself I won’t admit failure until that last second, I pt to much time and energy and sweat into my business to just let it fade away.

Plus I BELIEVE 10000% that we have an idea here that WILL be VERY helpful to all Bloggers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.


John Paul Aguiar

Blogging Entrepreneur that Helps Bloggers and Small Business Owners with Blog Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Social Media. I'm also a Kidney Transplant Recipient 2002

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  1. Ryan Biddulph November 6, 2015 Reply

    That honesty big is crucial JP. It’s the difference maker. I revamped my blogging campaign last month after making a few honest assessments of myself. How freeing it was. Thanks much for sharing.


    • I agree Ryan, you may not like what the answers are after being honest with yourself, but in the long run you and your business or blog will be much better for it.

  2. Oh man did this post hit home on so many levels. I can relate to much of what you’re saying here, JP. I’m a major control freak myself and have finally been outsourcing more. It’s such a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you for your honest. Great post!

    • Control freaks unite haha But yea, releasing some work to others has been a big help for me too, wish I found this out many many years ago Lisa :)

  3. RIchard Wood February 26, 2016 Reply

    I get the last one completely, I have a bad habit of sitting on an good idea and over thinking it. You’ve got to me more proactive and just do it. At least I’m not guilty of point 1. 😉

    • Richard I think many people are like us,,, over think and slow to ACT. But I’ve been better.. I look at my idea, if I believe it’s good, I go go go haha

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