A Proven Social Selling Strategy – Infographic

Do you know what social selling is? If so, do you really know how to use it? Do you have a strategy in place that you follow?

If you say NO to any of those, don’t worry, your not alone.

Since the last social selling infographic I shared on Brainy did so well and I had many people ask “cool, but how do I actually “DO” it?

I decided to share this new infographic by SalesforLife, where they break done a proven 11 step strategy that has worked on LinkedIn for well over 50,000 sales reps.

*Disclaimer:  Remember with all marketing and sales techniques online, there is a fne line between good marketing and spam, the tips shared below can easily make you look like a spammer, so be cautious and as always.. Less Is More.

I just felt like the lawyer voice over on pharmaceutical commercials “Take this you will fix that, BUT you may also grow a tree trunk from your ass or you may die” 

Ok, funny but not funny since most people have a hard time seeing that “line”…hope this infographic helps you see that line and have real success.

11 Step Social Selling Strategy

1. Find Related content
2. Share that content on social media
3. Monitor your LinkedIn profile
4. Convert potential buyers into 1st degree connections
5. Watch your shares, likes, comments
6. Connect with potential buyers outside your 1st degree connections
7. Review job alerts and contact reminders
8. Save potential buyers as LinkedIn contacts
9. Share content weekly
10. Follow up on outstanding messages
11. Start 5+ new conversations

Smart steps right? But do you see how that can quickly go wrong?

Be smart and take this social selling strategy and apply is slowly on LinkedIn.

Also with some tweaks this strategy can easily be used on Twitter and Facebook.

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source: saleforlife


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  1. emfluenz July 16, 2015 Reply

    That was an informative post. I will love to see an infograph that focuses on Social Selling for Twitter

    • Glad you liked it.. This phonographic applies to Twitter.. you follow the same steps {as close as you can} and it works the same way.

  2. Ovais Mirza August 22, 2015 Reply

    Hi John!indeed a very informative post. People have started realizing the importance of info graphics in recent times and it has become the best way of presenting important information like such in the post. I truly concur with your strategy. Great work. Cheers.

  3. Linda Brodsky August 9, 2016 Reply

    Thanks, John, that was interesting!

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