The Power of Secret Boards on Pinterest


Pinterest is a great way to get more exposure for your product, service or blog post.  The goal is to get your image (pin) in front of as many eyes as possible.  So why in the world would you want to pin to a secret board that nobody sees?

Before I get into some of the reasons behind having a secret board, let me give you the quick and easy way to create a secret board of your own

 Creating Secret Boards On Pinterest

•  Pinterest now gives the option to have unlimited secret boards.  This is a great new feature, so create as many secret boards now as you see fit.

•  Go to, click on your profile, then click on “Your Profile & Pins”

•  Click on “Create a board”

• Fill out the information on the Create a Board window that pops up.  Then make sure the slider button at the bottom called “Keep it secret?” is selected to “Yes”  then click on “Create Board.”  That’s it!  You have now created your first secret board.


7 Reasons To Create a Secret Board


1.  Organize your Imagination

Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration.  Anything from design ideas, to inspirational quotes, to recipes to try on a rainy day. So, why not create your own secret board that you can come back to?  Want to write the next great American novel?  Create a board and pin your vision!    It can be anything from chapter ideas, what a character might look like, or anything else. It’s your vision board!

A secret vision board is a great way to help visualize goals.

2.  Share a Business Board

Having a secret board between colleagues is a great way to collaborate on projects.  This can be effective, especially if you’re working with a graphic designer.  If you’re working on a logo redesign, for example, you can pin logo examples that you like and share that secret board with your designer so they can get an idea of what you want.

3.  Use as Research for Your Blog Posts.

Create a secret board for blog topics you are interested in writing about in the future.  That way, when you are struggling to come up with ideas, you’ll have a secret board where you can go get ideas for inspiration.  Sometimes a great image can give that much needed push to get over your writers block!

4.  Populate New Boards

This is my favorite secret boards tip.  If you want to start a new board on a new topic, start it out as a secret board. It’s a great way to populate a board without dumping a bunch of pins in the stream and looking spammy.  Make a secret board, pin a row of images to pre-populate that board.  Then,’ go edit the board and click turn off the “Keep it secret” slider.  That way it will make the board live for others to see but you won’t overload someone’s stream if you were trying to pin a lot of images to a new board.  Be warned!  Once you turn off the secret setting, that’s it.  You cannot make it secret again.

5.  Profile Successful Businesses

We all follow businesses and people who are successful in social media because we want to learn from them.  Create a secret board of businesses that are doing it right and pin them to a secret board.  It will be easier for you to see patterns of what they are doing right.  Everything from blog titles to how they brand their images are easier to see when they are laid out at a glance.

6.  Pre-Launch Secret Board

Secret boards are a great way to brainstorm with colleagues before launching a product or marketing campaign.   You can plan out the phases of your launch all on secret boards.  This allows you to make sure your branding message is consistent throughout your campaign by having it all in one place.  Having an optimized board before launching a new board can make all the difference.

7.  Share A Board with Someone Special

Planning a trip? A wedding? A birthday party?  Secret boards are a great way to share ideas with a special someone that you want to keep private and special.  I still have a secret board that I share with my daughter.  We share recipes, ideas, DIY projects and other things to do.  It’s one of my absolute favorite boards.

This is just scratching the surface of Pinterest secret boards.  From helping you organize your vision, to sharing vacation ideas with a loved one, secret boards can be a great tool that is only limited by your imagination.

I’d love to hear some of your ideas and uses for secret boards in the comments below!


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  1. I have a Pinterest account, which I usually forget about! But you have given me a way of keeping up with blog posts that I want to read, but don’t always have time.

    I also like the idea of keeping pins for research purposes. You really have shown me Pinterest in a different light and thank you for that.

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