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Smart Online Marketing Courses to help you grow your blog and business


online-marketing-coursesA Brainy Certified course is a training course that we have tested and used with success. We only share products that we know work, and know will work for you.


Below are a few courses that will help you see better results with Online Marketing. The Online Marketing playing field is always changing, you need to have the right training that keeps your learning fresh and moving you forward and seeing REAL results.



  Email Marketing 101

Email subscribers are the most targeted prospects you can have in your business today. These people have given you permission to enter the only channel that is private and direct, their inbox.

Our 4 week Email Marketing workshop will walk you thru setting up your entire email marketing system or rethink and improve your existing approach.

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blogging with john chow Blogging With John Chow

There are hundreds of millions of blogs online today, yet only a small amount actually make money. Chances are you started or want to start a blog that makes you money.

The best place you can start is with John Chow, he is one of the top paid bloggers in the world, and he was also one of the first handful bloggers to take a blog and make money with it.

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  Blueprint Pro

We will walk you through every step so you can effectively copy what we are doing. This can be implemented as a business on its own, or used to increase the revenue of your existing business.

This is an A – Z plan, that is PROVEN to work …and which solves all of the above issues by building ‘assets’ collecting contacts and turning them into dollars.

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