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I know when I started online over 12 years ago, I had many questions as I worked to build my blog and business. The problem was I didn’t have anyone to go to, I learned the hard way, trial and error.

Even though making your own mistakes is a great way to learn, there are some things you don’t need to learn yourself, there are some things you can get help with quickly to fast forward your success.


Which Brainy Expert Do YOU Want To Learn From? – Choose Below!


online marketing consulting and coaching



How would your life change if YOU finally had the help YOU needed?

How would your life really change if you had a successful blog or online business?

  – More money to pay bills?
  – More free time to spend with your family?
  – Feel the excitement of setting and reaching your goals?

I know for me personally, the success I was chasing did finally come, but it took so much longer then it needed to.


That’s why we are offering the Brainy Online Marketing Consulting Service

You can now choose one or more of the Brainy Expert Authors to learn from.

  – Have some questions you need answered?
  – Need complete training in one or more areas?

No problem, that’s what we are here for, to help YOU with whatever YOU need help in.

My goal with Brainy Marketer was to have one trusted expert for each topic making it easier for you to learn from and act on their advice.

This service just expands on that help and makes it more Personal for YOU!

*PLUS it comes at a huge discount since each author normally charges anywhere from 2 – 3 times more for their time on their own sites.

Call it your Brainy Super Smart Discount :)


We have 2 call options for you to choose from

Since everyone needs a different amount of help, we have a 1 hour and a 3 hour call option.

  – If you just have a couple questions you need help with, then the 1 hour option will work.
  – If you need more help and training, then the 3 hour option will work.


Here is how it will work:

1: Choose one of the Brainy Expert Authors that you want to get help from.
2: Once you choose and make payment, we will contact you to schedule your call or calls.
3: Each call will be done with Skype “video or just audio” and will be recorded.
4: We will follow up with email for any “after call questions” you may have.


Which Brainy Expert Do YOU Want To Learn From? – Choose Below!


online marketing consulting and coaching


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