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Facebook Group Cover Photo Screenshot

Thanks to a post today in one of my Facebook groups, I was alerted to an update to the layout for Facebook Groups. According to the CSS code, the cover photo area is 784x250px.

Screenshots of Facebook Group cover photos

Time for some new Facebook Group templates!

On the desktop, buttons cover part of the lower right corner, similar to the buttons on business pages.

The title of the group gets cut off, or not…
It happens on my desktop browser and on my iPhone. My friend Kim Castleberry sent me a screenshot from her Android phone and the title does not get cut off and is three lines tall… Who knows why, it just is. We just learn to accept these inconsistencies after a while.

Again, like with my other Facebook templates, the main difference between desktop and mobile is the height or aspect ratio of the background/cover photo. This is why I’v made two templates for Groups, one for mobile and one for desktop.

They are the same size (1233×693) as the templates I created for Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Events.

The reason is that the mobile app is displaying cover photos at the same size/ratio on iOS and Android but has different sizes for each on the desktop. Pages are 851×315, Events are 784×295 and Groups are 784×250.

I’m going for consistency and using the mobile dimensions, I’m just sizing them up a bit.

Screenshot of the Facebook Group Cover photos on desktop and mobile

How many of us have pages and groups and also host or promote an event every once in a while?

I have a client who has events regularly and likes to promote his events with flyers and updates to all the cover photos on his social “properties”.

Having one image size that works for all three Facebook covers saves time!

The desktop template will show you where your graphic gets cropped and where the title and buttons are located.

The Mobile version of the templates show you where the title text will go – there are no buttons. Facebook also throws in a black gradient over the bottom the the cover photo on mobile. It’s there so the white text will be legible in case you decide to use a light colored or white graphic. Just something to keep in mind.

One Design that Looks Good on Desktop and Mobile

I realize that designing one cover photo that looks good when half of it is cropped off is kind of strange, but the other option is to go with the official size for the desktop and realize that the sides will get cropped off. 174 pixels off each side, leaving you with just 435 pixels to work with. Depending on the length of your group title, the bottom half of your cover photo could be obscured by text. That doesn’t leave you with much space to work with.

My way is better! Try it out, let me know how it works for you.

Bonus tip: The size of this template is the same aspect ratio as the cover photo for Google+ pages and profiles!

Facebook Group Templates

Screenshot of the Facebook Group TemplatesDownload » Facebook Group Templates – PNG



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