The Mobile Future and Internet Of Things – Infographic

This mobile future infographic will show you just HOW mobile our world is becoming.

I know as bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs, when we talk “mobile” we think websites, apps, email etc… But the reality is EVERYTHING is going mobile.

Mobile Future does a nice job outlining when things in our lives are going the mobile route starting today all the way to 2025.

Now I don’t know if all this “connectivity” is a good thing or not, I do know there will definitely be LESS privacy in our lives and supposedly “more” safety.

But like it or not… mobile is the future for EVERYTHING, from home, family, cars, and business.

Mobile Future Quick Stats

By 2025 every vehicle will be connected.
71% wearable tech has improved their health and fitness.
By 2018 nearly half of connected devices will be used for business.
44 zb of data will be exchanged between devices by 2020.

Safer cars, living healthier and better businesses…All good places to start.

mobile future infographic

source: mobilefuture


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