The Lifestyles of the Rich and Instafamous

They say being famous on Instagram is like being rich in monopoly. Well, monopoly money never made anyone stop me in the street and say “OMG you’re @Tony_Bennett the IG Superhero I can’t believe I’m meeting you!!!”

Instagram is the most engaging network out there. Using pictures and video, you bond with users across the globe. It’s an opportunity to share your story… on a platform which is full of people who actually want to hear it lol.  You’re missing out if you haven’t joined yet!

Instafame brings real life attention

Now that Brainy Marketer is in full swing, I’ll be posting 3+ articles each month aimed at improving your Instagram experience and boosting your presence there. However, before I share ideas and provide tips on how to get more Instagram followers etc, you need to understand just how exciting and rewarding a large Instagram following is. I started from nothing, I’m not a professional photographer, I don’t have a fancy camera, I wasn’t famous; but within months of joining I decided IG was going to be my domain. YOU can do it, too, if you’re willing to put in the time.

Here are some often overlooked, perks you may experience when you achieve Instafame:

– The look of amazement on co-workers and new friends faces after they check your page because they don’t believe you have over 100K followers

– That inner-office celebrity feel when you walk past people and hear them tell their cubicle mate “ohhh that’s the guy with 100,000 on IG, he’s so cool”

– Preferential treatment at work (sad, but true). Despite policies saying no phone out during work hours, it’s not going to be enforced when your direct leader follows you on IG and is a big fan of your work

– The satisfaction of knowing thousands, even tens of thousands, of people around the globe know who you are and appreciate your content contributions. I didn’t make that story up in the opening, I was literally stopped in the streets downtown.

Lifestyles of the Rich & Instafamous Cast, episode 1

Keep in mind, the term “rich” here is mostly metaphorical – these folks are rich in artistic talent, their photos are often rich in color, and they’re also rich in influence

1) @sezyilmaz – I would tell you more about Sez but he’s never responded to my inquiries; so I don’t know much about him…Though, the fact I’m putting a virtual stranger atop the list should tell you how highly I regard him and his work.. I’ve never had any formal photography training, but studying his work has really expanded my contextual boundaries and enlightened me with the different perspectives

2) @purposeofenvy – I really admire Luke.  He and I share a love for Midwestern (or is it Great Lakes region now?) landscapes. He’s based out of Cincinnati and does a great job of showcasing its beauty. He’s pretty cool, too, based on the video I saw of him shredding his guitar and the few conversations we’ve had! He might have 700,000 followers, but it doesn’t go to his head as he replies to emails and a ton of comments.

3) Gidae, The Admin/Developer of @gmy_vintique and @gmystudiois a man of many hats and talents.  He runs two Instagram pages, combining for 1.5 million followers.  Additionally, he is an incredibly skilled photo editor who has mastered his own app! I had always wondered how some photos looked so amazingly colored… until I downloaded Vintique!

4) @saaggo aka LL Cool S… because it’s fairly obvious ladies love cool Saul and his handsome face. What’s also obvious is he isn’t included here because of his good looks; Saul has a keen eye and great perspective, which make for a winning combination during his travels. Everyone knows him

5) @misshattan I joke with Natalie that if I was as gorgeous as she is, I’d probably sit around and take selfies all day… yet she manages to capture world class images instead. That’s dedication. She’s the only one I listed here with less than 100K followers, but it’s only going to be a week or two before she hits it.  I’m gonna go all Babe Ruth and call my shot that Natalie will have over a half million followers by end of the year. Her star is quickly rising.

6) @kardinalmelon – I shall dub Hatice the “Queen of Color” because, well, I’ll let you look for yourself. You won’t want to leave her instagram page, it’s so beautiful!  Plus, she has her own website so she totally must be importang 😉 Kidding aside – I’ve never seen someone respond to so many of her fans via comments. She cares about her audience and it shows.

7) @kyrenian – Altug, an entrepreneur, is a great member of the IG community as he often shares lesser-known, yet extremely talented IGers.  Really, I most enjoy following him for his vibrant, brilliantly colored photos of exotic looking places.  He’s a great guy!

8) @craighowes is his main page… oh and @darkdreaminghowes is his dark art page…  oh and @cityofcapetown is his page to share the beauty of his city, Capetown. There are also a few others under the controls of South Africa’s most instafamous son, Craig. Plus, we share a similar sense of humor, so he’s definitely a personal favorite of mine.

9) @jasonmpeterson I followed Jason into the darkside, and I liked it! Plus, in my behind the scenes research, just so happens he’s a certifiable badass and likely could hang with Robin Leach if he does another installment of the lifestyles show.  Jason is President & Chief Creative Officer of a well-established, worldwide creative agency. I’m sure it’s because of Instagram, though… even if he was doing pitches for McDonald’s before IG was around!

10) @linda_1312 – I’ve been a fan of Linda’s for over a year now and she is a great example of how to choose impactful words to go with beautiful scenery. Additionally, she has a unique editing style which really inspires her audience!

Brands Partnering With Instafamous Celebs

Shame on businesses who ignore Instagram as a medium to promote their brand. It may not be as measurable without links, but it’s not hard. I will continue to use Verizon as an example, as they run a number of contests each year. I happened to win one last summer and scored a sweet Samsung galaxy camera for free.

If you’re a business owner, start looking to pair up with some  Instafamous Celebrities because, if done properly, will help get massive exposure for your brand, or do a REAL contest with REAL prizes, it’ll pay for itself.

Or, say you have a few thousand IG followers now… think of it as motivation to really build a massive presence. As Instagram continues to grow, so will opportunity to become a brand ambassador.  And in reality, you don’t have to strictly take nice pictures. There are PLENTY of pop culture, humor, fashion, etc pages which move eyeballs.

Find your followers and give them what they want to see, they’re waiting for you!

Where do you stand?

Are you more amped about the opportunities a large Instagram following can offer?

Who’s your favorite Instagrammer?

What’s your Instagram name?

What do you want to learn more about? THIS is your place to engage me and ask any questions I miss on Instagram, which is tons because notifications have a life of 3-5 minutes lol.


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  1. jerry kestel May 14, 2014 Reply

    Great post and def love Sauls page. He motivated me from pics of nothing to looking for “the shot” and self teaching myself photoshop for editting. Ultimately I plan to do a photowalk one day that he does.

    Your IG Tony is just as great as the ones above and your IG has led me to the others on your list. Their feeds are amazing and defi itely cream of the crop.

    One person on the list aside from Saul that I recommended is 13thwitness. Seems like he has got some brands using him now due to his IG.

    Keep up the great work T!! Your star is just as bright and growing.


    • Thanks for stopping by Jerry.. and I agree Tonys wall is awesome.

    • You’re too kind, Jerry. And yesss, I owe you for being the one who turned me on to Saul. I found 13thwitness last week. He’s ridiculously talented, though I haven’t really spoke to him. Thanks for swinging by, Jerry

  2. Hey Tony,

    Thanks so much for sharing this blog! The information you’ve provided is going to be very helpful! I am @capturingreality2014 on IG, and one of my favorite artists on there is @dustinlefevre. He just hit 10k, so he isn’t as big as you or the other amazing artists you’ve recommended (which I’m happy to say I was already following most of them) but he has great photos.

    I was wondering if you have any suggestions on which companies have contests? Besides Verizon 😉

    I was also curious about how you feel about posting edited pics, like with presets and filters and such.

    And do you have any suggestion on finding out what people would like to see from you? Especially if you don’t have that many followers?

    I just recently found you, and I love your work! And I believe it was through a shoutout, so those do work!


    • Very happy you found me, Tiare. Thanks for taking the time to share. Starting with edits… I’ll be doing a post discussing that in the near future. Personally, nearly all my posts are edited or filtered to various degrees. I believe in posting the most visually appeasing, attention grabbing photos I can produce.

      As far as contests, I don’t know of any off hand, but you can always go to (formerly statigram) and check the contest tab. Now, about finding out what people want to see from you, it’s should be something that you’re passionate about, or at least interested in… otherwise, it might not be as rewarding. With a small following, you might be best off posting what you prefer and then finding those who want to see it.

      Thanks again, I’ll check out both you and your recommendation!

  3. Steven Hughes May 14, 2014 Reply

    Creative as always Tony, will have to checkout the work of some of your “Friends” – Keep Clicking….

    • Thank you, my friend. I’m just good at coming up with titles and writing a post about them lol! Hope you’re well, Steven.

  4. Great article Tony, always love your pictuers and witty captions and banter in the comments! Cannot be over stated enough….. connect and engage with your followers.. it makes them feel as though they are part of the page and process and lets be honest, without them there is no us!


    • Hey there, Bill, sounds like you get “it”. It’s funny how often people worry about other stuff when they don’t understand the basics which are most crucial. Great observations, thanks for sharing them! (And the kind words)

  5. Saul Aguilar May 14, 2014 Reply

    Cheers bro! This is a nice blog and great idea, You’re the man

    • I might be able to say this column is mine, but I’m “just” the Instagram guy. Can’t take credit for the entire blog lol. Thanks for being you and sharing your passion. You’re great at what you do.

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