How To Use Twitter For Business

how to use twitter for business

“Last updated: July 27, 2016” – Learning how to use Twitter for business comes down to knowing how to start using a SMARTER feed.

Your feed is what people see, it’s what people follow, and if done right, your Twitter feed will make it much easier for you to grow your business or your brand.

When a new customer or potential customer lands on your Twitter page you want them to see, a nice image, a nice clean header image and you want them to see an ACTIVE FEED.

This will tell them that there is “someone” there if they need help or have a question.

Here are my 5 steps to using Twitter for your business.


Show Personality

Showing that you and your business are human by showing off your personality is one of the best things you can do on Twitter to help your business. Sharing jokes, quotes or quote images that are either funny or share a motivational message you believe in.

Also acknowledge holidays with funny images or even images of you and your family or team members.

Be Available

Do you want people to trust your brand on Twitter? Want people to follow you and listen to what you share? The best way to do both is to be active, be available. When potential followers or customers visit your Twitter feed and see that you are sharing great content and answering questions and saying thank you’s on a regular basis.

It will make them follow you, listen to you and potentially bring them one step closer to buying from you.

Be Helpful

People followed you for a reason, they want to learn more about you, your products or services. So the best way to do that is by sharing tutorials and how-to’s about your product or services.

This does 2 things…

1, It helps the people that are customers to better understand and use your products or services.

2, Helps the people see the value of your product or services and will help motivate them to buy.

Be A Resource

Your goal here is to constantly share helpful on target content that fits around what your business is or does.

You want people to come to you and follow your feed because they know they will get great information on a daily basis. Once they are following you, then they will start to not only see the content you share from OTHERS, but they will start to see YOUR content as well.

example: have a dog clothes business? Then share content related around dogs, training tips, food tips, best materials for dog to wear, why dogs need clothes even fun images of dogs in clothes etc…

Be Promotional

When you think about how to use Twitter for your business, promotions is what comes to mind. But the reality is, if you manage your stream correctly and follow the tips I shared above, then you won’t have to do much promotional stuff.

But you do want to mix in some special promotions for new products, or holiday discounts or whatever. Keep it fun and relevant and your promotions will be seen in a positive way and not a negative.

Most businesses get the promotional marketing wrong on Twitter, usually it’s to much to fast.

The fact is, if you just keep a well managed feed by following the tips I shared above, you will have customers and followers LISTENING to you and ACTING on what you share.

Isn’t that the goal of marketing and promotions?


John Paul Aguiar

Blogging Entrepreneur that Helps Bloggers and Small Business Owners with Blog Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Social Media. I'm also a Kidney Transplant Recipient 2002

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  1. Hey John Paul,

    This is really great advice. I know that some “big names” are saying that the thank yous are a waste of their time but to me that’s like me saying that me replying to all the comments I get on my blog a waste of time. Seriously?

    You need to be real, show a little of your personality, be helpful and available. I really still believe those are the most important things you can do for people to stay interested.

    Love this post and of course will share it as well. I want everyone to use Twitter the right way.

    Have a great week.


    • Thank U for stopping by Adrienne, also great to see your input.

      The “big” names don’t say TY no more because they are lazy and don’t think they dont need to anymore, PERIOD!

      If don’r right, you can say TY without being annoying or clogging up your stream..and the benefits are HUGE, above and beyond the gratitude,, that’s what people don’t get.

      People try to over complicate Social Media.. but I promise you, no matter which SM platform you use,, if you are available, and share great targeted helpful information and do in your “own” way and style (personality) you will see success VERY quickly IF you keep at it and stay consistent.

      Thanks for adding to the talk Adrienne :)

  2. Sherman Smith January 27, 2015 Reply

    Hey John,

    Looks like I’m on the right track. I’m not a big time twitter user, but I use it enough to communicate with my blogging friends, share valuable information, Thank them for sharing my posts, and see how’s everything going on their end of the world. And you know what else? I’m getting most of my referral traffic from Twitter now, as opposed to kingged which was my top referrer last year. So yes, these are great, easy, but powerful tips to follow if anyone wants to find success via Twitter!

    Thanks for sharing John! Have a great one!

    • Thanks for stopping by Sherman. From the sound of it, you are hitting Twitter right from all angles.

      I tell people all the time, if worked right, Twitter CAN be your biggest traffic source. Good to see you are seeing this first hand man.

  3. Barbara Charles January 29, 2015 Reply

    Hi John,

    Twitter is something that I can’t seem to get a good grip on. I have lots of followers and have built them up but I am inconsistent and I know that is what the problem is. There could be more and then the difficulty of turning them into business contacts is another story and another ball game.

    Your points are well take and important in using Twitter so I thank you for the share.


    • TY for stopping by Barbara, the number of followers isn’t really important, it’s whether they are targeted to what you talk about on Twitter and are they active people.

      Once those 2 things are good then the being inconsistent is the other big thing you need to fix.

      You want to stay active on a regular basis so people can reply on you almost daily to go to for great information or help.

      As far as turning into biz contacts, that will take more work,, it’s not as “easy” as people make it sound. But having a blog and keeping it updated with targeted HELPFUL content and sharing that content on a REGULAR basis will make it MUCH easier for you to start to drive traffic from Twitter to your blog, then from your blog to becoming biz leads and contacts.

      The process works VERY well if you put the time in to work the process. :)

  4. Louise Douglas January 31, 2015 Reply

    Thank you John for sharing this most needed and most wanted information with people like myself, and If it weren’t for me subscribing to Adrienne Smith’s emails, I don’t know if I would’ve seen any of your content. I really do appreciate all of this great information because before now, I never really understood how twitter really worked, I’ll definitely be sharing this powerful information with my social media platforms.

    • TY Louise for the comment,, glad you found me thru Adrienne, she is great :)

      I’m glad the content is helping you and TY for wanting to share it with your followers :)

  5. Joy Healey February 2, 2015 Reply

    Hi John

    Thanks for those tips which I found via Adrienne.

    They are well-timed because one of my 2015 goals is to work on my Twitter account, which has been sadly neglected. So first, I’m having a clear down of clutter in my online world and then attacking each platform one by one.

    Appreciate your tips.

    Have a great week, Joy

    • Joy taking on one platform at a time is a great idea. Once you learn it, and see success then move the the next platform.

      For me, I have one main platform I use most and 2-3 I like and the rest I pop in once a day just to maintain a presence.

      I hope these tips helps you tackle Twitter and start seeing results fast :)

  6. Thanks for the great advice on using Twitter better John. It is something that I definitely need to get a better handle on. I agree with Adrienne that most people I see on Twitter don’t do thank you tweets anymore and it’s so easy to do. It’s one of the things I’m working on building a habit of.


    • Hey Ben, thane TY tip works really well, I have done it for over 5 years. Just try to thank people in one tweet.. 5 – 6 people per tweet is good.. to many looks impersonal and doing one person thank us all the time will get annoying.

      Other then man, TY people all day haha

  7. Leslie Denning August 17, 2015 Reply

    Hi John. One of the things I love about your Twitter account is your profile picture. Every time I see it, I think, “I wonder what this guy is thinking?”

    One of the reasons I love TweetDeck is that I can see who has interacted with me. I can then personally thank them. I’ve recently written a Twitter product that will be released soon, and as I researched and began implementing the strategies, it has made a huge difference.

    One of my pet peeves, however, is those automated direct messages you get from people when you follow them. I’m going to implement something I saw on Twitter recently: a personal reply from someone who included a link to a page with all her social media sites. Did I click on the link? You bet!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    All the best,

    • TY Leslie, glad you like the image on Twitter haha Not sure what I was thinking when I took that pic, but glad it gets you thinking :)

      I think you have to test any strategies on Twitter yourself, that goes for good and “bad” ideas. Test, because if they work for you then DO IT.

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