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If you’re expecting a long, confusing strategy that guarantees you how to get more followers on Instagram in a certain amount of time; you’ll be disappointed! I’m not a late night TV infomercial pitch guy promising a quick fix to all that ails you. I’m real life proof that all you need is a phone camera, creativity, and patience to become more Instagram Famous than you ever thought possible. The same philosophy is applicable to brands, as well. All in all, it’s not a complicated game to play.

Where to Start

Instagram, in its most basic form, is a photo-sharing platform. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, it’s now also a short video-sharing platform, too! In today’s information age, IG definitely isn’t considered a new kid the block but it’s still relatively young just turning 3 years old. There are a few key factors which make it different than most other popular social network. The primary difference is it’s strictly mobile uploads. Apple and Android come together.

I’m a Verizon fanboy, using both the Samsung galaxy note 3 along with my older galaxy cam. Another difference is seen with Instagram’s simplistic interface. Your content does the talking while functions are very simple and easy to use. Also, there aren’t any clickable external web links within posts (that may soon change. Ultimately IG rewards content creation more than any other network I’ve been a part of.

Fortunately, for all intensive metaphorical purposes, there really is a way to win the Instagame! All your hard work and time you put in now will be rewarded 10 fold once your posts hit the popular page. You may never reach this goal, but this should be your end game. You’ll get 500-2000 new followers (appx) for each post which appears there. Don’t worry, though, the IG experience can still be very rewarding even if you don’t “win.” Here are a few simple concepts to once you’ve decide to play along.

Your followers are waiting – Help them find you!

Unlike many other platforms, the likelihood of IGers (Instagrammers) randomly coming across your feed is rather low. You gotta make your presence known, but have no fear, this is the easiest part of the game. There are 3 effective ways to let others know you’ve arrived and start getting more Instagram Followers! As with most endeavors, the more you put in the more you get out.

Likes, Comments, and Following

No, this probably isn’t earth shattering advice. Yet I still see people with double digit followers wondering why no one follows them… it’s because nobody knows you are on instagram. Following like minded folks is generally the most responsive, but it’s also the most draining because you won’t enjoy your feed as much when you realize 7500 is too many to keep up with. If you want 5 digit followers, commit 1hr a day to liking over 1000 posts from similar “styled” accounts. Commenting is recommended when you really want to get someone’s attention.

Paticipate in contest/use hashtags

You may not want to use a max 30 tags each and every post; but you do want to use targeted tags to not only post to, but to also engage with. Big brands, like Verizon, Ben & Jerry’s, Heineken, etc often run contests. That means a number of folks will be rifling through entries. People in your area are often reciprocal and supportive as well, so don’t forget to represent your hometown

Shoutouts aren’t entirely evil

I wouldn’t recommend participating in too many page “shares”, but a few a week or one each day won’t drive away your fans. Stay on the lookout for users that have a relatively high amount of activity to their amount of followers and ask them if they’d be interested in sharing each other’s pages for more exposure. It’s an effective way to add another 25-100 followers in a short amount of time. It will be tempting to do it more often, however, you’ll end up burning and turning followers.. which is frustrating when you gain 21 but lose 27.

This is your forum

Ultimately, to make this most awesome Instagram Community on the planet, we need to hear from you. What are you eager to learn more about? What are you struggling, or having success, with? I have some interviews lined up with other popular users to share some best practices.


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