How To Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages for Your Business

linkedin showcase pages

Are you using LinkedIn Showcase Pages? On April 2014 LinkedIn removed Products & Services pages, leaving you to start creating Showcases that they introduced last year.  With the elimination of P&S pages, our focus should now be on the amazing opportunities afforded us by this new branding and content publishing platform on LinkedIn.

Since LinkedIn is really focusing on becoming a Content Marketing platform (Publisher, Pulse, etc) it makes sense that they are recreating the Company and Showcase page platform to help in the curation and dissemination of targeted content.  Particularly useful to those of use who do Content Marketing.

Showcase pages are essentially sub pages of your LinkedIn Company page. (If you don’t yet have a company page, create that first.) To create a Showcase page simply click the drop down arrow to the right of the “edit” button in your Company page and then click on the link that says “Create a Showcase Page”.

Creating a Showcase Page

Showcase pages look a little bit like Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook got together and had a baby.  Fortunately, they are pretty simple to set up:

  • Title your page (and this becomes your url:
  • Add a big beautiful branded hero image (974 x 330 pixels) to capture attention
  • Add any admins you want to post content to your page
  • Name your page (in case you want a more detailed title than your page title)
  • Start updating to engage your target market
  • Share your Page with your followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your blog.

Since Showcase pages have unique URLs (that are assigned to you according to how you title your page) it’s a really good idea to get your Showcase pages now!

You can use up to 10 showcase pages (and ask for more from Customer Service).  You can create 2 a day.

Showcase Page Strategy

Let’s say you have a blog called Linked Into Business at  Your main Company page would be named Linked into Business.  (To create your main Company page you would have to have the URL)

Your Showcase pages could reflect your key products and services, a stand alone brand, a targeted audience.

I recommend almost a “Twitterian” strategy that allows you to create pages (and campaigns) that speak directly to your niche audiences.  So in my case I have a page that speaks to:

  • My B2B Clients (
  • LinkedIn for Corporations (
  • LinkedIn Tools and Resources (

Each of these Showcase pages have their own images which reflect your brand and the topic. You might set up different writers for your blog as administrators to share their posts with their target  – feeding those pages with content relating to those categories on your blog.

Other LinkedIn Showcase Page Uses?

  • A featured product you want to build some hype around
  • A featured service you want to build some hype around
  • Subsidiaries of your company
  • A yearly event you hold
  • A regular event you hold

Another bonus? Since Google really likes LinkedIn Showcase pages, the trick is to keep your page very active, giving you a better chance to drive more traffic to your website.  There is no doubt that LinkedIn drives more traffic to corporate sites than any other social medium.

Showcase Pages are free, but I recommend using to create, schedule and disseminate your posts to your different Showcase pages on LinkedIn.

So what are you going to do with your Showcase pages.  Let me know and I’ll  be sure to highlight them in future posts.

In fact – maybe list your pages in Comments below so other BrainyMarketer readers can follow them!


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