Holiday Email Marketing Planner – Infographic

Do you have a holiday email marketing plan in place?

No? Then this infographic by Email Monks will help you setup a plan for October, Novemeber and December and January.

Let me also add a few things you should start doing NOW to prepare for the holiday rush.

When creating your email marketing plan, make sure to keep MOBILE at the front of your thinking.


64% of decision-making mobile consumers read their e-mail on a mobile device.

That is a HUGE number and it can not be ignored, consumers read email on mobile, but just because they DO read emails on mobile, doesn’t mean they will read YOUR emails.

The best way to get them to read your holiday emails is to first include a powerful subject line to get them to OPEN your email. Once opened, make sure to always include interesting text and images to get them to TAKE ACTION!

4 More Holiday Email Marketing Tips

  1. Pre-plan you holiday promotions for the entire season.
  2. Boost up your product invetory, be ready for the rush of holiday orders.
  3. Build social media awareness with holiday contests to your followers.
  4. Create new and different holiday artwork to go with all your upcoming promotions.

There you go, my 2 cents to having a successful holiday season with email marketing.

Combine all that with the Infographic below and you will be on your way to email marketing success in the 2016 holiday season.

holiday email marketing

source: emailmonks


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