Free Templates for the New Twitter Layout (1500×500)

Twitter Header Template - New Layout, Cover Photo 1500x500

It’s been a while now since Twitter’s latest update to the look and feel of the desktop layout. My last Twitter template is now completely out of date!

My first templates worked great until something changed… like they always do.
After a few more screenshots, just to be sure, and some updates to my PSD files I now have two new templates for you to download.

Not everyone has Photoshop so I’ve saved my templates as transparent PNG files. One for designing your new header photo for the desktop and one template you can use to lay over your new artwork to see what your design will look like on mobile (iOS).

Main Template – Desktop

The recommended size for the new Twitter header photo is 1500×500 pixels… Sounds good right?
In my tests, the header photo starts at a height of 280 pixels on small screens and reaches a maximum height of 500 pixels on my 1920×1080 monitor.

The image changing sizes doesn’t bother me much, but the fact that the top and bottom of the header photo get cropped off does. It would be nice if the entire image was visible all the time but since that’s not the case, I’ve included “buffer” areas to the top and bottom of the template so you don’t put anything really important near the very top or bottom of your header photo.

The location of the profile image also “wanders” depending on the width of your screen. You can see from my template that there is a good portion of the image where you want to avoid placing something important.

One nice thing is that the profile photo is now much larger, it is displayed at 200x200px compared to 73x73px on the “old” layout. Twitter recommends that profile photos be 400×400 pixels.

Mobile App Preview (iOS)

This PNG gives you a preview of where your header photo will be cropped and what your profile image and username will cover up.

With the large number of people using Twitter on their phones and tablets, putting things in the very center of your header photo may not be the best idea.

I’ve seen screenshots of an updated mobile app for Twitter that looks more like the new desktop design but I haven’t heard much about it lately. If and when things change, I will update this file.

Someone want to send me a screenshot from their Android Twitter app?

The Twitter Background Image

Not completely discarded, the background image you select in your Twitter settings is still visible to the rest of the world. I found one instance (so far) where people can still see the background image… when viewing individual tweets. It might be rare but it could happen.

If you already have a background it should work, but it won’t be optimal. The area now taken up by the single tweet is 640px wide, a bit narrower than before so you may want to move things in and upload a new version.

This might be a good time to add a call-to-action for people not yet following you. There’s no reason to waste the opportunity to brand yourself or your business so get creative!


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