10 eLearning Trends To Watch For In 2015 – Infographic

In 2015 there are 10 eLearning trends you should stay focused on.

Why should you care about eLearning?

If you are a bloggers, marketer or entrepreneur that plans to sell some kind of training course then you will want to know the best way to deliver that training to your customers.

This eLearning Infographic covers the top 10 trends you need to watch for in 2015.

Short List:

1. Big Data
2. Gamification
3. Personalized Learning
4. Mobile Learning
5. Focus on Return-on-Investment
6. APIs
7. Automation
8. Augmented Learning
9. Corporate MOOCS
10. Rise of cloud LMS

TalentLMS did a great job in this infograph by breaking down all 10 trends and why they are important. If you have a course coming or plan to release any type or training in the future, make sure to read and save this eLearning infographic.

elearning trends infographic

source: talentlms


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