Customer Service Is The Original Marketing Channel – Infographic

This customer service Infographic shows you how to put the “Customer” back into customer service.

Think about it, how many bad experiences have you had with customer service reps?

How did you feel?

Now think about how many times you have had an amazingly helpful experience with a customer service rep.

How did you feel?

If you’re like me, probably pretty damn good, happy and even a little surprised.

We are all so used to getting bad service, that when we have a good experience, we are left surprised and overly happy.

I know for me, I am left wanting and happy to buy more from that brand. That is what a GOOD customer experience get’s you, a happy customer that wants to buy more from you.

Making customer service the original and sadly, FORGOTTEN marketing channel brands should be focusing on.

If you remember anything from reading this infographic from SalesForce, have it be this…

“More than half of customers would pay MORE for a better customer experience!”

Customer Service Infographic

source: SalesForce


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