4 Ways to Drive Massive Blog Traffic From Pinterest

Blog Traffic From Pinterest

Have you heard? You SHOULD be driving traffic from Pinterest!

While Facebook is still #1 in referral traffic, once you post a Pinterest Pin, it continues to drive traffic for months – even years!

I’m suddenly getting tens of thousands of visits a DAY to a blog post I pinned 9 months ago.

While you can’t always predict which pins go viral, there’s a LOT bloggers can do influence their success on Pinterest. Try these top tips!


Get Set Up Right to get Traffic From Pinterest

The most important thing you can do is to create boards that align with your blog topics. If your blog is organized properly, you have blog post categories that corral your content. Use those categories to inspire Pinterest boards!

This method:

   • Provides optimal places to Pin your blog posts.
   • Alerts visitors to your Pinterest profile what content to expect.
   • Allows your boards to be found in both Pinterest AND Google search.

For each board, choose a keyword phrase you’d like to be found for. Choose a long tail keyword that’s not highly competitive. Pinterest is a high authority site, so you have a great chance of your board being found in a Google search – much better than for your blog. Once the board is found, your Pins can lead people back to your blog!

For more SEO punch, the words you’ve chosen will become the URL of the board.

Don’t forget to fill out the board description, including keywords there too. Keep it conversational and interesting to make people want to follow – don’t just stuff keywords.

Note: If you’re already pinning to appropriate boards, but their titles aren’t using the words your ideal audience would be searching, you can change their names. The old URL will redirect to the new one.

Now you’re ready to pin!


Pin Quality Content Your Audience Will Love

Yes, we want to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog. But it’s really important that you pin to each of your core boards at least weekly. So you need to include others’ content along with your own blog posts.

Be a top resource for your ideal audience. What kind of content are they looking for?

You probably have several top bloggers in your niche that you already follow. If they have Pinterest-worthy visuals, repin their articles to your boards.

Also check the Pinterest feed for suggested content. Confirm that anything you wish to repin clicks through to a blog post with valuable content.

When you see Pins that already have 100s or 1,000s of repins, it’s a good bet that your followers will like them too. Check them out, and repin to your boards if appropriate.


Include Pinnable Images in Your Blog Posts

What’s a pinnable image? The best Pins are at least 600 pixels wide, with a height of 1.5 to 2.8 times the width (taller pins will be cut off on mobile).

Pinnable image tips:

  • Tall images get noticed and repined more than horizontal or square.
  • Include a few words describing your blog post or offer in a readable font.
  • Use words that will entice people to click!
  • Warm, bright, and light colors draw more eyes than cool, dark tones.
  • Don’t forget to subtly add your business name, URL, or logo on the image.


Write Compelling, Keyword-Rich Pin Descriptions

The best way to ensure your Pins get found on Pinterest is to include an optimized description with each Pin. You can easily place this in your image’s Alt Tag on a WordPress blog. This will be inserted as the Pin description when someone “saves” to Pinterest.

How to write a great Pin description:

  • Keywords are essential. Place your best keyword near the beginning.
  • Add a call to action explaining why they should click to your website.
  • Don’t use hashtags, unless it’s your own brand hashtag.
  • Descriptions are truncated, but the info in them is still searchable.
  • Use about 200, up to 500 max, characters.


Ready to Optimize Your Pinterest Presence?

These Pinterest tips will get you started driving traffic to your blog. But remember to be consistent, and patient. Pins last a LONG time, and can start driving traffic when you least expect it.

Persist, keep pinning, and soon you’ll be driving blog traffic from Pinterest!



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