5 Steps to Conquering Your Fear of Making YouTube Videos

How to Calm Your Fear of Making Videos

It’s a scary thought, right? Putting yourself out there for the entire world to watch and judge can be downright frightening. In fact, fear is the number one reason people state for not doing YouTube videos.

Trust me, I can relate.

I was the shy kid in school that hated getting up in front of people. Even though I was pretty comfortable clowning around on camera with family and friends, I never thought I’d be putting myself on YouTube for a bunch of strangers to see.


It took me a year before I got up enough nerve to record my first video.  But I quickly learned that the more videos I created, the easier it became.

So here are some tips to ease your fear of making YouTube videos…

1) Avoid Using a Script

You might think placing a script in front of you is going to ease your fears, but here’s the deal…

If you read from a piece of paper word for word, it might come across very robotic and unnatural. If you need notes, just create an outline with the high level points and place it right below or alongside the camera.

You can glance at the topics and use those as talking points throughout the video.

Trust yourself. If you know your material, you won’t have any problem expanding on your main points.

2) Your Editor is Your Best Friend

I remember when I first started doing videos, I didn’t know much about editing. So I would keep recording takes until the videos were almost perfect.

For some videos, that would mean starting over 7 or 8 times.  I was creating so much extra work for myself.

You don’t have to be perfect with your takes. Learn to use your editor so you can cut out the ummms, errrrs and awkward pauses.

No matter what software you use, there’s a YouTube tutorial out there with instructions for how to edit video.

3) Do a Test Run

Some people suggest rehearsing in the mirror. While that is certainly one way to practice, it’s better to rehearse in the actual setting you are going to use for your final take.

Record yourself a few times and watch it back. Jot down two or three things you want to improve upon and do another test run.

Keep doing them until you are more comfortable. I guarantee you’ll get better with every take.

4) You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

An editor is great for removing bigger mistakes that interrupt flow or reveal incorrect facts, but you don’t have to get rid of every flaw.

Small imperfections here and there make the video seem more natural. Remember, no one expects your video to be perfectly polished.

You can even have fun with your mistakes from time to time. Don’t take yourself too seriously. People will appreciate that, and it makes the presentation more enjoyable.

5) Be Conversational

People often say to me, “I feel like you are sitting in my living room talking to me.”

Not only does being conversational make your audience feel at ease, it will also help you relax as the presenter. Just pretend you are talking to a friend or family member.

Trying to be extra polished can actually make you more nervous and seem uptight. Relax and remember tip #4. :)

We Are Our Worst Critics

I remember helping a friend with her videos, and she pointed out all these things she hated about her presentation.

What’s funny is I didn’t notice a single one of them until she brought them to my attention. Then, of course, I couldn’t help but notice after that.

We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves, so the playing field is pretty even there. Also, most people won’t even notice or care about the things that bother you. At the end of the day, if you are giving them what they want, they’ll be happy.

Sure, you may encounter some nasty trolls who try to make your life miserable, but they have delete and block buttons for that. :) Plus, the YouTube commenting system is very anti-troll friendly as you’ll see here.

Just remember, once you conquer that fear, the benefits of creating video outweigh the negatives by far.  So go for it!


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  1. I feel the same way every time. I tried using the double screen feature in Windows 8, left screen a script and the camera on the right. But every time I look at the script, it looks like I’m looking at the sky xD. But yeah… nobody’s perfect.

    • haha I think the more you try to be perfect, the less perfect it becomes. Like Lisa said, don’t use a script, but have a few bullet points of things you want to touch on, if you do it in the wrong order, who cares, people watching have no idea you didn’t mean to do it that way :)

    • Lisa Irby June 21, 2014 Reply

      Hey Young,

      I guarantee you would do fine with just some bullet points. The other tip is to put the outline/notes below the camera if you can instead of the left or right. It’s much less noticeable when you have to take a peak.

  2. Karla Campos June 19, 2014 Reply

    I need a script especially when others are filming me. I suffer from social anxiety and I go blank so the script helps me. I think the best advice I ever received was just do it and stop being afraid because people bite not cameras lol. People will judge you anyway so don’t let that fear stop you. Make some great videos!

    • You said it best Karla… “people will judge you anyway” Truth is, no matter how perfect, some people will judge it.. so why care? Just get in do it and share it :)

    • Lisa Irby June 21, 2014 Reply

      You got it Karla! You could do a flawless video and I guarantee someone will always find something. And what’s ironic is the people who judge the most are usually the people who DON’T do videos themselves. LOL

  3. As always your article did not disappoint! Thanks for the vote of confidence as I begin my journey into the Youtube making video world. Excellent content!

  4. Torsten Mueller August 11, 2016 Reply

    Unfortunately I came across this article just today through John’s Facebook post, as it would have helped me already in creating videos before.

    I wouldn’t say that I am afraid of being in front of the camera, but in most cases I don’t like the result.

    Now reading this article I spotted my first mistake already in point #1. I always used a script and I don’t appear natural at all.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Lisa. I am sure they will help me to improve on my video marketing venture.

    Off to try it right now,

    • Torsten, I’m like you, not afraid but don’t love the results when I ma in front… Lisa’s tips have been helping me,, shes a great resource :)

      I’m glad you finally saw the article and that Lisa’s tips will help you in the future.

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