5 Reasons It’s Better To Be Necessary Than Noticed

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It always amazes me how business life reflects our personal lives. With the proliferation of self-promotion through social media, we have all witnessed the many people that have developed creative concepts through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and the many other social media channels that enable anyone to get their 5 minutes of fame. This is great for those that just want to get noticed and create excitement. Oddly enough, brands are doing the same thing, and it perplexes me to no end as to why. It’s easy to get caught up in the

“Getting noticed” business, but it takes a real integrated strategy to move from being noticed to being a necessity.

How to Brand Water and Air

There are very few things in life that are considered a necessity, and the ones that are, keep us alive and fuel our lives. Well, building brand necessity within our communities and tribes is crucial in building brands that fuel and keep our customers alive and engaged. Brand necessity is not about life and death in the physical aspect obviously, but focuses on psychological needs and wants.

It’s not about getting noticed for the sake of getting noticed, but rather, getting noticed to deliver an unexpected thrust of value and experiences in addition to prescribing the best antidote that supports the challenges people are facing – small or big.

Getting to That Itch

One of the biggest challenges for brands is getting a deep, deep, deep understanding of their marketplace. The ROI on this investment of time is not immediately seen or realized, but it’s at the top of the list in creating engagement, revenue and loyalty. In addition, it allows you to help the few… who in turn will broadcast your brand to the many.

We have the tools now to better understand our marketplace from up close. The obstacles and challenges are being discussed by the marketplace, which I like to refer to as the ‘Marketplace itch,’ so it’s our job to move closer to the conversations and start developing an immersive relationship with them in the places they talk. Just like in personal relationships, business relationships start to deepen once we start listening and finding out where all those psychological itches are.

Scratching the Itch – Necessity

Customers and potential customers usually talk about what they like and dislike in a very passionate way. The marketplace has discussions in 2 very extreme ways – what they love and what they hate. There is no grey area. The things that irritate (itch) them tend to be discussed with vigor and robustness and that’s where our attention should be. Once we build understanding, we can start building a formula (the scratch) to help them fulfill their needs.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you must understand the difference between being necessary and being noticed. It becomes the difference between having a brand and just running business.

Keep these 5 reasons in mind on your journey to being necessary:

1) Necessity builds engagement and as business owners, that’s what matters. Think of it as, how will your brand become considered when the consumers are making a choice on who will help them solve a particular problem.

2) Necessity also creates brand preference. So, when you look at the order of being necessary, it starts off with visibility, then consideration and finally preference. This is where your focus should be initially.

3) Necessity generates an emotional transaction between your brand and marketplace. Necessity breeds a 2-way relationship of caring. Those that care about your brand have a vested reason in seeing it succeed.

4) Necessity creates brand handy men and women. Those who care about your brand will be the biggest proponents in telling you how to improve and fix parts of your business. They become more than customers – they become integral parts of your business improvement strategy.

5) Necessity establishes brand champions. As the old saying goes, ‘Those who care share,’ and this becomes the biggest part of your brand’s promotion and marketing efforts – personal recommendation!
Necessity has a kind of addictive connotation to it, but it really can be a position of true value that people are able to use to help them conquer specific needs in their lives. Starbucks, Red Bull, Apple, Coke and Go Pro all have a consumer base that feel that their companies are a necessity in their lives, and for the customer, the value given, warrants this feeling of necessity.


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