The 3 Things you MUST Do 1st on LinkedIn (even if you’ve had an account for years!)

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Below are 3 LinkedIn must do steps to get you page setup correctly.

Action One: Know Your Goals

Take a look at some of the reasons people use LinkedIn:

  • Attract new clients and customers
  • Active Prospecting
  • Create new referral partner relationships
  • Attract affiliates
  • Thought leader or subject matter expert positioning
  • Content creation and dissemination
  • Content curation
  • Share information about products or services
  • Enhance customer service relationships
  • Attract donor and sponsors
  • Position their Internet marketing business
  • Sell their book
  • Hire employees
  • Research competition

What are your goals for being on LinkedIn? Are they covered above or do you have other reasons for being on LinkedIn.

  • Write them down.
  •  Prioritize your goals.

Although your priorities for using LinkedIn might shift, it’s always good to be clear on what they are right now.  Everything you do on LinkedIn should support your Goals. 

Action Two: Make Sure You Are Professional

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is better than the average profile: formatted, clean, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

LinkedIn is a text-based site (yes, you can now add images – but for the most part, its all about the copy!)

It’s a good idea to create your profile first in a word document.  The most important reason for this is that once your copy is created you can use the word count as well as the  Spelling and Grammar tool to avoid unprofessional errors.  Do you really want your professional headline to read “Cheif Executive Oficer?” (I have actually seen that- more than once!)

You will also get a better idea of what your profile will look like on LinkedIn itself.  In fact, in some sections of LinkedIn you can pull in bullets and special characters. (Check all browsers to see how it looks – sometimes Internet Explorer messes with fonts).

As an added bonus, if you’ve already created your profile in a Word document, sections of it can easily be copied into other social media platforms to keep your branding unified.

Finally, you’ll have a copy of it if LinkedIn ever shuts you down (I’m on my 5th profile).

Action Three:  Start Using LinkedIn Contacts

With LinkedIn Contacts (currently found under the “Network” Tab on LinkedIn’s menu bar) you have the ability to sync many of your other business contact platforms.  I know this makes some people nervous, especially with their social platforms, but let me be clear here, syncing does not mean connecting. You still have to make the effort of inviting your contacts to connect on LinkedIn.

Contacts equals any contacts you have stored in your various email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, your iPhone address book.

Connections equals those people on LinkedIn whom you have invited to connect or who have invited you to on LinkedIn.

When you sync your contacts you can always be assured to have the latest info. Also, syncing  “creates an index of your email messages so you can easily and quickly access your message history, right from where it is already stored.” (LinkedIn)  I find this incredibly helpful when trying to find websites or phone numbers I know my connections mentioned!

Don’t be afraid to sync your contacts – you can always remove them later if it gets too overwhelming.

Once you have synced your contacts, you’ll have the ability to invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn.  When you look at your Contacts list, LinkedIn will indicate how you are connected with them via social icons.  If the LinkedIn icon is greyed out, then you will have the opportunity to invite that person to connect with you.  Use this opportunity to send a short (300 character) customized message.  An opportunity to get top of mind with them

The new Contacts feature has a lot of other nifty tools that I will cover in future blog posts, but for right now, just get you contacts synced if you have not yet done so.

Best LinkedIn Profile Tips!


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