3 Sure-Fire Reasons Why Branding Is The Ultimate Tiebreaker


In today’s world of branding, companies pay some attention to branding but they don’t quite seem to understand the power that it has to set your business apart from the competition.

As entrepreneurs and start ups we’re faced with an extreme amount of competition and the only way to elevate our real estate in the minds of the marketplace, is to create messages of purpose and authenticity that connect on emotional and psychological levels.

Branding has always been the ultimate tiebreaker with competitors. With the speed of replication and time and markets filling up quickly, it comes down to all the intangible branding assets you’ve invested in. I’m talking about the degree to which you have invested in the way your company is perceived at the onset of the decision process and throughout.

Below I share How To Brand Your Product or Company In 3 Steps.

Brand Energy

Certain brands have invested deeply in the energy a brand displays and interacts with its customers.

For example, GoPro Cameras & Red Bull have heightened their relationship with their market by moving closer to the discussions, hangouts and other areas of interest of their customers.

This is dramatically different from the traditional approach of getting the marketplace to leave their comfort zones and come to you. That’s why giving ‘some’ control over your brand allows the customer to have a feeling of control, and a stance of making decisions on his or her terms.

Truth be told, many of the companies that exist and dominate the market today have inferior products but it is their brand energy that makes them dominate the market and this has everything to do with how they associate with their marketplace.

Conversely, there are may other companies that have great products but their brand energy is so low that it doesn’t allow them to show up on their customers GPS.

Brand Personality

In today’s business you must exude a brand personality and that becomes humanistic in nature. In order for your brand to be attractive to humans, your brand must take upon a humanistic personality.

When you look at the very successful companies – Coke, Tom’s and Apple, you should notice there is an underlying association that we attached to them and they’re very human in nature.

In the old days, brand communication centered around tangible benefits, faster, better stronger… but now those statements have become overly common and boring.

Developing brand personality will weigh the scale in your favor every time whether the brand is you, or the brand is a product or service.

I’ll give you a quick example. Two guys are at a bar. Both have the same general appearance. At the end of the night, who do you think will fare better with the women? The guy with the funny sense of humor and captivating energy… or the guy that sits at the bar and plays with the peanuts?

Use brand personality to build the connection and create the engagement necessary to close the sale every time. The more humanistic a brand can become the more humans can associate with the brand.

Brand Association

Lastly, associative branding is a way to further embed the message of your brand by aligning yourself with a brand that compliments the message you are trying to portray.

Associations are very important in branding because they use other brands to leverage themselves to put them in a better place. Great examples would include J Crew and Nike.

J Crew, for example used New Balance in order to elevate their brand image. Red Bull does the same thing with Go Pro. Associative branding also allows brands to get into markets that they would otherwise not have the access to. It is a win-win situation for all.

Summing It All Up…

Use Brand Energy, Brand Personality and Brand Association to set yourself apart from your competition and start taking control of your market today!


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