10 Must Know Blogging Tips For Beginners

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I have been a blogger now for over 6 years and I have built 2 nice size blogs in that time “including Brainy Marketer” so I believe the blogging tips for beginners I share will help all wanna-be bloggers get started on the right foot and mindset.

Blogging on paper seems so easy, let me just write and I’m going to build a huge popular blog.

“insert braking noise here” haha truth is, blogging is the complete opposite of that.

In 2015 you need to be a jack-of-all-trades to succeed, writing great content alone isn’t good enough anymore.

Each week I see great writers that have dead blogs or they are quitting because the success isn’t coming like they hoped.

I have said it before and I’ll say it now…

“you need to run your blog like a business”

Meaning it takes a lot more than putting pretty products on shelves to succeed in a business, and it takes more than putting up great content to build a successful blog.

To avoid information over load I kept this list to 10 tips, it could of easily been 50 but who wants to read a 10,000 word blog post. lol

Here are my 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners.


1. Use Social Media, Don’t Let It Use You

I am going to make this #1 because I think it’s that important.

As a new blogger you need to use Social Media to help expand your brand and your blogs reach. But what you shouldn’t do is use SM so much that you are taking time away from your blog.

Your main goal in the beginning should be on growing your blog… that’s it!

You want to get on SM, use it to help you reach your main goal and get out.

It is very easy to get sucked into that rabbit hole on SM, and easily spend your whole day there which will take valuable time away from things you should be getting done on your blog.


2. Be Helpful and Available

I’m about to share a secret, in the beginning of your blogging journey, you will have to GIVE much more then you receive.

Scared? Then stop now, I hear Mc Donalds is hiring. :)

Still here? Good, now by being helpful and available is a great way to first show you know what your talking about “Sharing Your Expert”, but it’s also a great way to attract people, readers, new subscribers to your blog.

No one can say no to help, especially FREE help and in the beginning you should be overly helpful.

Someone emails you, reply right away.
Someone comments on your blog, reply quickly and be thorough with your reply.
Someone asks a favor, do it “within reason” and do it to the best you can.
Someone asks your option, answer it honestly, good or bad. Truth is the only way to go, even if it’s hard to hear.

As a new blogger just think, I need to give give give to finally get!


3. What Are You Here To Fix?

This is one blogging tip you need to fully understand.

Blogging has changed in the last 3 years, you need more of a reason to start a blog than MONEY. Find something you have smarts in and build your blog around helping people fix that problem.

Once you have your “why” make sure your content is PERFECTLY targeted to that why… ALWAYS!

Do you know one of the biggest reasons people stop following blog they have loved for years?

The content has changed, the content has gone off topic.

Think about it, I’m sure there are blogs that you liked reading 6 months ago, 12 months ago and today you have stopped because the content has changed.


4. Be You, Bring YOU All The Time

There are soooooo many blogs out here that it is very hard to get seen. And I can sit here and tell you 50 “techniques and strategies” to help you be one of the lucky blogs that get some attention on a regular basis.

But I’m not going to… you see all the strategy in the world won’t help you unless…

You bring something new to the game.
You bring something unique to the game.
You bring YOU to the game.

Listen there are so many different ways to build a successful blog, the tricks and tips are all the same, they work.

Here’s what I mean…

How many posts a week should I write? Who gives a shit! I see blogs kill it with one posts a week, and I see blogs that kill it with 5 posts a week.

How long should my blog posts be? Again who gives a shit! I see blogs that kill it with monster 2000 word posts and I also see blogs kill it with 500 word posts.

I think you get the idea.

The point I’m slowwwlllyyyy trying to make is, you have to be YOU, be unique, write in a way NO ONE else does or can.

Share your personality so people see the real you, this makes it much easier for your readers to either relate to you or trust you.

Writing content from a unique and personal place is the BEST way for you to stand out and get your new blog seen, followed and shared.


5. Build Your Email List From Day 1

I know it’s hard to believe, but I made mistakes when I first started my blog.

I know I know… but it’s true.. I am not perfect. lol

My biggest mistake?

Not growing my email list from DAY 1.

Silly right? I didn’t start focusing on my list until I was almost 11 months into my journey. That one mistake has haunted me for years, because the reality is, no list equals no money or MUCH less money in my pocket.

So I don’t care if you blog is 2 days old, get an offer together and get some forms up and start grabbing those emails now.


6. Have A Professionally Personal About Me Page

Your about me page is POWERFUL. Well if you lay it out correctly it is.

My about me page on JohnPaulAguiar.com has been updated maybe 12 times over the past 6 years and it is still one of my most popular and visited pages I have.

Here on Brainy, our About Us page  we went with sharing our explainer video, we also covered the idea of the blog and how it can help and sharing our awesome list of Expert authors.

Think of your about me page as a personal job application.

Share some personal “who are you”.
Share something about your blog “Why is it here and How can it help”.
Share your skills and experiences.
Share some of your accomplishments.

End it with an email opt-in form.


7. Have A Posting Schedule, BUT…

A “BUT” has no place on a blogging tips post :) I agree, but stay with me.

As a blogger you will want to have a Posting schedule, it helps your readers know when they can expect a new piece of amazing content from you. Making it easier for them to find and read your stuff while they are finding and reading posts from 10, 20 50 other bloggers.

So we agree there, a posting schedule is all good for many reasons.. Right?

Right, BUT… Don’t let that posting schedule tie your hands so much that you NEVER post on other days or keep you from posting 1 or 2 days later because something came up.

Basically, I don’t want you beating yourself up if you miss posting on a certain day. Life happens, just post it the next day or so and get back on schedule.


8. Use A Post Idea List

I have used a Post Idea List since my first month of blogging and I still use it today.

This post you are reading now, has been sitting on my Post Idea list for months, I just finally had the time to finish it and get it out for you. :)

A post idea list is something you use to keep to track of any post ideas you come up with.

As you blog, there will be days where post ideas come to you 5 at a time and there will also be days where you can’t pay for a post idea to come to you.

What do I add to my Post Idea List?

It will be an idea for a post with some bullet points I can expand on later.

I few different title ideas.

A keyword or keywords I may want to rank for with some basic keyword research and a keyword list.

Sometimes I even add in an image I may want to use.

It really doesn’t matter what you add to your list, as long as you can come back to it weeks or even months later and be able to pull together a blog post from your notes and ideas.


9. Learn To Walk Away

I’m a big believer in knowing when to take some time off.

If you don’t know yet, let me share this little nugget of TRUTH…

“Blogging is HARD Work!”

With all the things you have to do on a daily basis to grow your blog, it can get a LOT overwhelming.

On the surface blogging is simple, you write blog posts and people come to read those blog posts.

But the reality is, this isn’t Field of Dreams, and if you build it, they will NOT come. :)

From coming up with quality blog posts on a regular basis, to promoting those new posts, to getting on Social Media, to backlinking, to connecting and building relationships with other bloggers, to the tweaks and fixes your website needs and etc…

Trust me it’s WORK… so knowing when to pull back and take some time off will be a huge help in keeping you motivated and working toward your goals for the long term.


10. Be Consistent and Realistic

This might be my top 5 tips on blogging I can share with you. The truth is, most bloggers quit way to soon, they expect magic in a couple months and when it doesn’t happen, they quit.

BIG mistake!

The truth is, it will take 6, 12 even 24 months of hard work for you to finally say “my blog is successful”

Own that, breathe it in and understand that. It’s not that you suck as a blogger, it may even have nothing to do with doing anything wrong, it’s just the reality of building a successful blog in 2015.

Even if you do it all perfectly, it will still take 6 to 12 months to see real success.

Knowing this truth should be liberating right? Now you can STOP focusing on “why not me”, “why not yet” and just focus on the daily WORK!

As a blogger you need to enjoy and bounce forward off any and all “small wins” you get, because if you group together enough of those small wins it will take you to the BIG win of building a successful blog.


Now that is a mouth full of blogging tips for beginner bloggers if I say so. :)

The point I’m tried to share here is blogging takes real work, so before you jump in, make sure you know the reality.

You want to have a plan in place, you need a plan in place to follow as you grow your blog, BUT don’t stress if you waver off the plan, just keep moving and good things will happen.

Hope you enjoyed those tips, please leave a comment if you have anything to add.


John Paul Aguiar

Blogging Entrepreneur that Helps Bloggers and Small Business Owners with Blog Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Social Media. I'm also a Kidney Transplant Recipient 2002

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  1. Leslie Denning March 12, 2015 Reply

    Hi Paul. I’ve been blogging for a number of years, but I have changed horses a couple of times trying to figure out exactly what it was that I was good at AND could make money at.

    By profession, I was a music teacher – first public (hated it) then private, but I love to write and I am nuts about the internet and information products.

    It finally dawned on me that as a teacher who has been an internet newbie that I have a lot to teach people who don’t get the digital world. Tah-dah! Or maybe ‘DUH’.

    This was an enjoyable post, and here is my favorite nugget – I loved your idea of making your About Me page like a resume. I never would have thought about it like that if I hadn’t visited your blog.


    All the best,

    • Hi Leslie, happy you enjoyed the post.

      Also happy to hear you finally got your “tah-dah” moment and know what you want your blog to be about. That really is the hardest but most important step.

      Glad the about me page tip was helpful too :)

  2. Ahmad Imran March 12, 2015 Reply

    John, what can I say !!! this post deserves big praise. It is my first time on your blog (through flipboard) and found this article to be a story of my inside.

    I am only 4 months into blogging and can relate to your almost all the points. Someone with a huge vision and a desire to achieve the goals, I can totally agree with you that blogging is a hard work. It needs dedication and hard work on a consistent basis. Once you dive into it (with sincere heart and determination), within weeks and months you realise it is not as easy as it looks like.

    Thanks for a valuable post, I am sharing it with my small community and subscribing to your list as well. Your true advice can be felt easily and it has earned you a subscriber :)

    • Good to see you here Ahmad and glad the post helped you. Blogging is hard work, but if you have the heart and determination to keep going you will be fine. Good Luck with you new blog in 2015 :)

  3. Reginald Chan March 14, 2015 Reply

    Hey John,

    Excellent article and definitely can’t agree more with #1. We are often digested by social media, not opposite.

    So yes! You nailed it. Shared this across my social platforms as well!

    • Thanks Reginald, SM is one of those things that if used right, can be a HUGE help in growing a blog, but if OVER-Used, it will hurt you and your blogs success.

  4. Great post!As a blogging ‘newbie’ I’m trying to find as much info about it as possible. But sometimes it really feels like a maze, with everything’s that’s out there. I’m definitely going to take these tips into account!

    • Take in the information and TEST TEST TEST to see if it works for you. What may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. Good Luck with your new blog Maaike :)

  5. Christopher March 15, 2015 Reply

    Great post. I just started blogging three months ago and can vouch it is hard work. Also can be a bit discouraging at the beginning because you might not get a lot of traffic, like I’m not yet. I just keep adding content and plugging away and hopefully the traffic will come with time. I am going to start doing your suggestion to write down blog ideas. That’s a great suggestion.


    • Christopher, the good news is, every blogger started where you are right now, I did too. Took me 6 months before I started to see real traffic. Just keep doing what you are doing.. and trust me, the traffic will come in time.

  6. I have already put AdSense on my two blogs. I am considering putting up a paypal donations block. Is this advisable?

    I have been seriously, that is consistently and with purpose, posting weekly, for a month now.

    Would a “tip jar” be pretentious?

    Thank you.

    • Marc, a donation button is NEVER a good idea.

      Also you been writing regularly for a month? It will take a lot more “months” of that to finally start seeing ANY income at all from your blog.

      I like to tell bloggers to NOT chase the money, meaning the money should be your main focus when building a blog. If it is, your blog will most likely fail because you will not see any money come in for a long time and it will be hard to stay motivated to keep writing on a regular basis.

      I say just write and connect with people for a MINIMUM of 6 months, THEN start to slowly think about making money.

      Good Luck my friend.. here if you have questions :)

  7. Michael Noker January 6, 2016 Reply

    Good tips! I just started vlogging back in September, and regularly blogging maybe a month ago, so I’m starting to get to the point where I’m forming a lot of connections with other people all over the world – that’s definitely my favorite part of blogging so far. Making friends is great!

    I do wonder, though – my content is highly personal and based around my life and my experiences on both my blog and my YouTube channel. Eventually, I’d love to give my readers and viewers some advice on developing their own presence, as I find success in certain areas. As an example, I’m finally figuring out how to use Twitter effectively and I’d love to share my point of view. I know consistency is important, too, though, so I wonder if I can share that content on my blog itself, or if it would be better suited as, say, a guest post somewhere else that’s focused more on developing a social media presence.

    What do you think?

    • Michael, depending what you goals are with your blog, will answer if that type of content is good for your blog. But from what you mentioned you are doing on your blog.. I would not post that type of content, since that is not what you blog is about or what your readers have been coming to your blog to read.

      But again you can always try it and see the results.. if does well.. throw some similar posts into the regular mix. If it tanks, then you know to not share that type of content.

  8. Annie Taylor August 8, 2016 Reply

    I’ll try your tips, John! Thanks a lot!

  9. As a beginner this is really helpful! Hope to get more feeds for success! Thanks for sharing! 😊👍

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